Manufacturer’s Warranties depend on whether you are purchasing Asphalt Shingles, Metal Roofing, or Flat Roofing.

For Asphalt Shingles from GAF it is possible to receive a lifetime warranty (50 years) on the Shingles non-prorated, and a Warranty on the Workmanship up to 25 years. (This is only available from GAF Master Elite’s contractors such as ourselves.)  Please call to find out if your roof qualifies.   Please see the different options from GAF below.

For Metal Roofs most manufactures including Vic West, Ideal, and Agway guarantee the paint finish for up to 40 years. Workmanship is guaranteed by McKay for 2 years which allows you to go through 2 seasons and the freeze thaw cycle in the winter. This is ample time to see if any issues present themselves over this time period. It is very rare that they do but rest assured if there is anything we need to fix it will be completed free of charge to you within those 2 years.

Click below to see the metal roofing warranty.