Roof Coatings

We do Steel, Flat, Modbit, EPDM, TPO, Ice Guards.

What Coatings do we use?

We have found that for Steel Roofs that Inland Coatings work best as they are have an elongation of up to 500% so that they can expand and contract with the movement of the steel. As well, we don’t need any primers and we can apply this over rusted steel after carefully preparing the steel roof. For Flat Tar and Gravel Roofs we have some other coatings we use to help extend the life of flat roofs but it is only a short term solution.

What Kind of Roofs Can be Coated?

In our experience coatings work best on Low Slope Metal Roofs such as a Butler Roof. We have done several small residential Steel Roofs that are Low Slope on trailers, sheds, cottages, homes etc with great success.. As well, we have completed commercial project on such projects such as Municipal buildings and RV dealerships that wanted to extend the life of their existing roof that didn’t have the budget to retrofit it with a membrane.

How Long will the Coatings Last?

For Steel Roofs we can offer up to a 2 year Workmanship Warranty. The manufacture can provide up to a 10 Year Material Warranty. For Flat Roofs there is no real warranty as we use coatings only for repairs.

Do I need a contractor, or can I do it myself?

Installing coatings are best left for the professional who understand the preparation involved and the thickness to apply the coatings.

How is the coating applied?

Coatings can be applied with paint brushes, rollers, and with spray equipment

Do I need a primer?

For Inland Coatings no primer is required for Steel Roofs. For Flat Roofs a primer is required.

Will the coating stop my leaks?

While coatings may potentially stop minor leaks, the roof should be properly repaired and dry prior to the coating application. If the roof is actively leaking, McKay Roofing will inspect the roof to identify the issue and repair prior to the coating installation.


Should I coat a new roof or nearly new roof?

Yes, a new roof can and should be coated if the building owner wants a highly reflective roof coating to reduce energy costs, and peace of mind against future leaking issues. McKay Roofing Coatings will also extend the roof’s service life. Reflective roof coatings can reduce the heat load on the roofing assembly and save on wear and tear from over used roof top HVAC units.

How long will the coating last?

Performance can vary depending on coating type, roof and weather conditions, as well as the coating film thickness at time of application. The thicker the coating, the longer is lasts. 5-10 years would be a reasonable life expectancy depending upon what coating options are used. If we are coating the complete roof with 3 coats you be closer to 10 years plus.

Can a coating stand up in ponding water conditions?

All roofs should be designed and built to have positive drainage and not allow long term ponding water. We would suggest discussing these concerns with your McKay Roofing representative.

In what weather conditions can the coating be applied?

For Flat Roofs we can use a coating that can be applied in colder temperatures. For Steel Roofs its best to wait until temperatures are between 4-40 degrees C.

How long does the coating take to dry/cure?

That depends on many factors: air temperature, wind, roof surface temperature, and relative humidity.

Generally speaking we can apply 2 coats in one day depending upon the size of the roof area.

Can I coat a rusted metal roof?

Rusted Metal Roofs can be coated after the rust and corrosion have been addressed. We generally power wash the roof and wire brush any severe areas of rust. See the examples of rusted roofs that have been completed with Inland Coatings link here 

How do I maintain the coating?

It is recommended that the roof, including the coating, be inspected annually and after it’s gone through a winter. Additional coating may need to be applied to repair damage to the coating and underlying roofing substrate, depending on nature of force the roof coating endeavored from flying debris or ice damage.

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