Commercial Roofing Replacement

We do Steel, Flat, Modbit, EPDM, TPO, Ice Guards.

Should I Recover or Replace my flat roof?

Roof Recovery

If after inspection we find that your existing commercial roofing has minimal, wet, or no insulation on top of your roof in many cases we can save you a great deal of money by leaving your existing roof in place and recovering it with a new membrane. The advantage of this is you save on the cost of disposal and labour to remove the existing roof, as well as increase your R-value with insulation if required. As well, we can still provide you with a workmanship warranty and a manufacturer warranty

Roof Replacement

If after inspection we find extensive wet insulation and the possibility of roof deck issues we would recommend replacing your commercial roofing as you do not want to cover up wet insulation with no R-value and cover up a potentially rusted or damaged deck which will cost you a great deal more in the long run.

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