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About Us

Roofing Repair

Our main areas of focus are professional residential and commercial roofing, roof replacement, roof overlays, coatings and roofing repair services. We endeavour to handle and complete all projects just like we undertake our roofing projects. High-quality materials, quality workmanship, and transparency are guiding principles for all our projects. Our team and estimators will carefully listen to and educate clients so that they make the right choices and decisions for their roofing projects.

Roofs may present a wide range of problems that may spell misery for you and your family. As a rule of thumb, roofing materials will deteriorate with the passage of time and exposure to the elements. Strong winds, heavy rains, extreme temperatures and freezing are the main factors that cause premature deterioration of a roof.

Never wait for a disaster to happen since the damage caused may turn out to be irreparable. You don’t want to call for an expert to repair a leaking roof in the middle of a rainstorm. McKay Roofing has professional roofers who will provide you with options in roof maintenance, roof repair and roof replacement so that you can catch problems before they become big.

McKay Roofing has the right knowledge and latest equipment that will come in handy in assessing roofing problems and finding the best solution for any identified problem.

Contact our office and speak to our qualified roofing contractors for useful advice on your roofing repair needs.

Notable services that McKay Roofing provides include:

Roof Inspection and Maintenance: The secret to getting the most out of your roof, it needs to be maintained regularly. Roof inspections will help identify problems and get them addressed properly. Roof inspections are a requirement for new roof construction, re-roofs, and insurance purposes. The roof inspection is a thorough process that will check for the condition of your roof including missing shingles, corrosion, stains, leaks, improper seals, and other forms of damage. We will advise and offer recommendations for repairs, replacement and other alternatives to restore the condition of the roof. Proper maintenance will help extend the lifespan of your roof.

Roofing Repair

McKay Roofing will provide roof repair services that meet or exceed industry standards, manufacturer specifications, and local building codes.

We make use of high-quality roofing material and our experience for all our clients to solve their roofing problems. Failure to address problems such as missing shingles plugged drains, improper flashings and others may cause leaks, rotting, and breakages that are more costly to repair.

Roofing Replacement in the Ottawa Valley

If the status of your roof calls for a roof replacement, McKay Roofing is ready to install any roof type depending on your needs. All our roofing repair services are completed with utmost professionalism right through to the final cleanup.

Choose McKay Roofing for all your roofing needs, both commercial and residential, and sit back as our professionals handle the tasks.

Leaks can occur due to a number of different factors such as the following:

Insufficient Underlayment

Improper Ventilation

Ice Dams

Poor Workmanship

Roof Penetrations

Flat Roof Repairs

Metal Roof Repairs

Shingle Blow-Offs