Commercial Roofing Repairs

We do Steel, Flat, Modbit, EPDM, TPO, Ice Guards.

Roof Repair

The roof is not generally an area that is viewed on a day-to-day basis. But, ignoring the most important part of your building can have severe consequences. Maintaining and repairing your commercial roofing is crucial, as the roof is what keeps you watertight especially in some of the most severe weather conditions including snow, rain and extreme temperatures.

To avoid disastrous consequences such as major water ingress, wind-driven rain penetration, or at worst a total ceiling collapse leading to interior damage, it is essential you contact an experienced contractor that is familiar with all of the different roofing systems. Commercial roofing leaks are not always easy to find as the water can travel between the membrane and roof structure before they enter your building.

Most of the indicators can only be found when you have access to the roof covering itself, which can be difficult due to height and inaccessibility, but if you are experiencing leaks you should call the experts at McKay Roofing at 613-259-5766: for an estimate click here